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CaraKit Cares is the non-profit arm of CaraKit which began in 2021 after one woman's battle with cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic.  What started as an idea between friends grew into a successful gift company providing countless gifts every month to women in the U.S. 

CaraKit Cares strives to take the learnings, materials, profits and products from Carakit and donate them to women in need.


CaraKit is a gifting company where friends and family can come together to get a thoughtful and useful gift for someone undergoing cancer treatment and CaraKit Cares is intended as an outlet for the women themselves who need a kit and don't know how else to get one.

We spend much of our time every day receiving supportive messages from women who are going through treatment--many who have received kits themselves and want to share the experience but others who aren't able to afford it.  This site and cause is for them.



My name is Kellie Whitton and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2020, when my kids were 2 and 5 years old.  I went through 6 rounds of chemotherapy, 3 surgeries and 30 radiation sessions plus 12 months of additional hormone infusions.  I still take pills every day, get shots every 3 months and am loving every minute of my life, especially helping women who are going through treatment.  We are a small but mighty operation, run by myself and my partners who have all been touched by cancer and medical treatment in a significant way.  We know how hard it can be.  We know the day-to-day slog can take a physical, mental and emotional toll.  Please reach out if you need us but more importantly, reach out to your friends, family, loved ones, colleagues, anyone you can think of to ask for support.  And please ask for a kit if you need one.  We want to help if we can.

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